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Legal services in Italian and English


Commercial contracts check-up services
Commercial contracts drafting services
Commercial contracts check-up services

Commercial contracts check-up service

Commercial contracts drafting service

Commercial contracts review service

The contract check-up service provides a complete review of all your business’ legal documents in order to offer you an insight on the risks and potential red flags such as, for example, void clauses or clauses not compliant with your business interests. 
You will be provided a report that will highlight the critical issues in order of potential risk, including also necessary remedies or amendments.
You will have in the palm of your hand a precious and detailed assessment of your legal documents at a competitive price.

The contract review service includes much more than simply reading the document.

When reviewing any legal document, I am actually carefully analyzing the language of the document and evaluating several different issues such as:
-does the contract accurately describe the deal you believe you have made?
-is the legal document fair to you?
-what happens if there is a disagreement in the future?
-in what ways does the contract limit your rights?
-how would a court interpret this document?

The contract review service determines if the contract clearly defines the deal, as you imagined it, whether or not your rights and interests are protected, and what (if any) restrictions are imposed. 

Insight on how a Court could interpret the contract and its various clauses in case a dispute occurs will also be provided. 
During the review process I will help you understand the terms of the contract that go beyond the deal, what the legal jargon really means and the areas where the contract is confusing or ambiguous.

The process of drafting a contract starts before a single word of the agreement is written.
It starts with listening to your needs.
That way, I make sure I understand your business and the deal that you have negotiated.
When drafting a contract, I make sure it protects your interests so that if there is an issue later on with the deal, you have the law on your side.
During the drafting process of a contract, the other party will also be considered in order to ensure that it is comfortable signing the contract so that you can move forward with your business. 
My services include careful contract drafting for every type of contractual matter, such as:
-sale or purchase of goods;
-provision of services;
-contracts with vendors or suppliers;
-service contracts;
-commercial leases;
-franchise agreements.


Employment Law

The labor market in Italy is regulated by a complex legal framework making it hard for both businesses and individuals to find the best legal solution. 

We provide assistance and advice regarding the Italian labor market. 



Italian Public Tender and Procurement services 

Spend less time on figuring out the tender requirements and more time on things that matter for your business!

Thanks to our extensive expertise in the field of Italian public tenders, we provide a better understanding of all the requirements you need to possess in order to participate to the tender procedure or you can leave the entire process in the professional hands of our consultants and focus only on delivering the best products and services to your clients.

Italian Litigation Services 

If you find yourself as a defendant in an Italian lawsuit or if you are considering to start a legal claim in Italy, our Litigation Team can help.

We can determine whether your case is grounded and what is the best approach for effectively solving your case. 

We offer litigation services in the following fields of expertise: civil, administrative and employment law.



Italian Debt Collection Services 

A debt collection lawyer often proves more effective than a debt collection agency in Italy,  since a lawyer has a wide range of legal tools and can take appropriate action to collect your debt, such as: start legal procedures, file for bankruptcy, freeze the debtor's assets etc. 

We offer legal assistance and advice to find the best solution for your credit.